This post is complementary to the previous post of Redis TimeSeries, in which I explained the benefits of using Redis to store time series data. In comparison, instead of using Grafana to plot the data directly from Redis I will explore using gRPC-web to establish a connection between the backend written in Go and the frontend application written in Vue.

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Most of you know Redis as a key-value database, but did you know there is a module that simplifies the use of Redis for time series use cases? In this post I will explain a simple way to store time series data in Redis using Go and visualize it in Grafana. The Go script is designed to be easily adaptable to new use cases, like using a Raspberry Pi to save system metrics (it will reduce the number of write cycles in SD card because the data will be stored in RAM).

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Port Scraper

I created this post to explain to you the steps that I did to setup a simple tool to scan a huge range of IPs and store the results in a MYSQL database using Go.

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